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Truly old location agency
18 years of experience
800 commercial videos
220 music videos
90 short films
15 TV-shows
Administrative, technical and creative specialists for filming. Babooshka knows who is still up for it.
Babooshka will help you to gather a team for your project!
Undeniable advantages of
Wide experience started its way in the filmmaking industry in 2004. We respect our customers and do our best to ensure that it is comfortable and easy to work with us.
All is done on time
We are not just a real estate agency, we are real professionals in filmmaking with a wide experience in different areas. We are well-versed in technical aspects of the filming process. It is important for us that the filming sticks to the allotted time.
Huge variety
There is always something interesting in our catalog. We know all the locations that are ready to be a part of the filming process and we constantly look for the new ones. We want to make sure that we find you the right shoot location for your script. We love to make movies and so we love our job.
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Obtaining all the film permits
We cooperate with all the city departments such as the Federal Security Organisation, Prefectures, Ministry of International Affairs, traffic police, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Gormost, Mosgorsvet, Mospriroda and many others.
Find the best location team regularly updates the catalog. We are an important part of the filmmaking process, that combines the artistic vision and administrative skills. We are always up for your creative ideas.
Location catalog
Our Team can organize shooting on the road, on the bridge, in the tunnel, in state facilities and private buildings, on the roof or under the ground, in the airports, railway stations, in Moscow-City and on the Red Square, in the woods etc. You can earn on your property with Babooshka. Don’t forget: you don't have to move out or stop your business. We will find time for filming that suits you.

5 000+ locations
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Renting for movies with Babooshka is as easy as ABC!
You can earn money on your residential or business property together with Babooshka! The key is that you don’t have to move out or stop your business. We will arrange the perfect time for shooting that fits you.
Production services
We can provide a real full-service production experience. We have all the necessary administrative and technical tools in our toolbox for a good shooting. Besides, make-up artists, costume designers, gaffers, projectionists and other film crew members are our personal friends.
Project organization of any complexity
Babooshka makes full-length movies. We work both with foreign and Russian companies, we make YouTube shows, content for bloggers and TV-Channels. ​​We specialize in production of commercial and music videos. In addition, we work with short movies for festivals, if they are really interesting :) Here you can find our pricing policy
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Babooshka has an enormous experience in filmmaking. We generously share our knowledge on training courses for location-managers, supported by The HSE Film Institute. Moreover, we employ the best students.
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